Welcome to Navaho Designs

Navaho Designs is here to provide you with a range of unique products. Some have been Handmade by Navaho Designs while others have been selected from various parts of the world to give you a selection of items you would not normally find. Most items are restricted to very small quantities and sizes or possibly only one of each, making them unique and collectible.We hope you enjoy regular visits to our site to see what’s new and find something special for yourself or a loved one. If you would like us to email you when new products are added please send us a message using our contact page and we will add you to our list.


New Products – Just in time for Christmas.

Scented Wooden Shapes –

Hang where ever you want some fresh fragrance, great for the car.

Available in 4 different shapes, 4 colours and various scents.

Scented Shapes


5D Diamond Painting Craft Kits –

Get creative with the new craft craze, otherwise known as Diamond Embroidery.

No mess and no talent required but very effective and very affordable.

The perfect unique gift as a kit or finished and framed.

The most addictive craft I have come across, the kits for sale on site are quite small and partially done.

Not quite enough for me, I needed something a bit more challenging which set me on a quest for a bigger one of which I found!

This is my Elf & Owl, the colours are beautiful and the entire picture is beaded. It looks fantastic framed on my wall. It measures 50 x 60cms.

Here is another my Indian Design Horse, again fully beaded measuring 40 x 50cms.

Wall space can be a problem so if you are like me and can’t stop – make them up and frame them as Gifts for your Friends & Family.


Coming Soon –

Laser Cut – Wooden Dreamcatcher with personalized name plate.

Perfect for your children’s room. Enquire Now.