The Corona Virus cannot infect this website

or anyone entering it!

Welcome to Navaho Designs

We are all being faced with this terrible virus they call COVID-19 but we will battle on as did our Anzac’s. Being very mindful of our humility, our responsibilities and the care we should all be taking to get us through this crisis.

In true Ozzy style we find humor in a bad situation and this one is no different – it’s how we keep our sanity! Unless you are a true Ozzy you may never understand this but we mean no disrespect and we are not downplaying the severity of it….

It’s just our way!

In the very near future Navaho Designs will be introducing some new products to try and keep us all smiling, we hope you will appreciate the humor intended.

These new products have not been tested on animals just on some stern human beings prior to production, if it did not make them laugh it didn’t make production! 

Navaho Designs – Leather Clothing Alteration will sadly be on hold until further notice as it involves close contact with the public and we do not want to put the public or ourselves at risk.

The good news is….we will have more time to dedicate to our website and it’s products and hope you will support our small family business in it’s time of need as we are also supporting other businesses that can only operate via the internet with delivery options.

We are here to provide you with a range of unique products. Some have been Handmade by Navaho Designs while others have been selected from various parts of the world to give you a selection of items you would not normally find. Most items are restricted to very small quantities and sizes or possibly only one of each, making them unique and collectible. We hope you enjoy regular visits to our site to see what’s new and find something special for yourself or a loved one. If you would like us to email you when new products are added please send us a message using our contact page and we will add you to our list.

We wish you all the best and thank you for your support.