About Us

Navaho Designs was established in 1994, proudly 23 years old in 2017.
It was created out of need – not want.
After becoming unemployable due to an injury in a motorcycle accident I needed a way to keep my independence, my dignity and stay off the unemployment list.

My inspiration comes from the Native American Indians of the Southwest –
The ‘Navajo Indians’ being very spiritual people which is reflected in their Artwork.
They create the most beautiful Rugs, Basket Work and Pottery to name a few.
I believe they are most famous for their Silver & Turquoise Jewelry as well as their Sand Paintings. The Art of Sand Painting is traditional and symbolic which serves a religious and healing purpose.
I have a great deal of respect for the ‘Navajo’ and all of the American Indian Tribes who struggle to exist as do our own Aboriginal People who also inspire me.

Navaho Designs is no longer on it’s original path of creating Leather Clothing, Bags and Belts that incorporated – Fringing, Beads and Conchos due to health reasons but my ‘Navajo’ spirit still exists, my need to be creative and want something different will never die.

I do still offer a Repair & Alteration service to Leather Clothing – Zip Replacement, Tears, Sleeve Length Alterations etc. Feel free to call to enquire or make an appointment on (02) 49515715

Thank you for supporting ‘Navaho Designs’ as it does rely on you to survive, no matter which path it travels.