‘Winterhawk Spirit’ – American Indian Crafts & Jewellery

We are proud to announce the union of ‘Navaho Designs’ and ‘Winterhawk Spirit’ being of American Indian Origin and previously known as ‘Winterhawk’. We have come together to offer you a Unique Collection of Handcrafted American Indian Design Arts & Crafts. Inspired by various tribes, no two pieces the same. Keeping with tradition as much as possible, each piece is crafted with the true spirit and beliefs of the Native American Indians using the most natural materials available in our modern world. These beautiful pieces are decorated with Bone, Horn, Glass and Wood Beads, Bronze Wing Turkey Feathers and Leather. They are brought to you with a great respect for the Native American Indians and all the Creatures that have provided to make them possible. We hope you enjoy them and treat them with the same respect.

Our modern world provides us with more colour choices for Beads and Leather so if you would like a specific colour

Dreamcatcher for example, please send us an email using our contact page.

Other appropriate items are also being added to the category that are not crafted by ‘Winterhawk Spirit’ such as

– Sacred White Sage Smudgesticks to be used with the ‘Winterhawk Spirit’ Smudge Feathers.

– Genuine ‘Navajo’ Silver Jewellery incorporating Turquoise, Red Coral & Onyx.

– Other Indian Design Silver Jewellery.

– ‘Winterhawk Spirit’ promotional T.Shirts & Tote Bags.

And Much More!

If you would like us to email you when new products are added please use our contact page and we will add you to our list.